Advancing Psychedelics Through Research and Development

Psychedelic Compound Production

Currently working on different ways to produce cost efficient psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin at scale

Advancing Psychedelics Research and Development

Developing a pipeline of patent pending, cost effective cGMP psychedelic compounds for the furtherance of mental health and neurological disorders research


Facilitating Patient Access to legal psychedelic treatments

Core One Labs is a leading life sciences company

Our  goal is to become a vertically integrated large-scale supplier of psychedelic compounds to both individuals and corporations.

A Multifaceted Business Stretching Across Differing Sectors

Core One Labs has 3 different business units, each moving its tasks forward to achieve its respective goals. The divisions are comprised of; psychedelic compound production (Vocan, Awaken, GMP Drug Inc.) Drug Development (Akome) and medical clinics (Rejuva Mental Health Clinic, Bluejay Medical, Shahcor clinics) and all have complementary functions.