Our Focus

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Delivery system
  • Patented nanostrip technology
  • Chemically synthesized compounds, delivery mechanisms, protocols and new drug formulations.
  • Patent pending technology
  • One of few Health Canada Licensed Dealer Labs
  • API Grade
  • 200,000 + patients
  • Clinical Trials
  • Expansion to new locations
  • Fully funded
  • $20MM + invested capital
  • New world-class management team
We are pursuing the development and commercialization of rapid onset treatments capable of improving health outcomes while generating a robust ROI for investors.
Proprietary delivery technology
Polymer Sublingual Strips
cGMP API Grade Biosynthetic Psilocybin
Medical clinics
Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Proprietary Delivery Technology

Our proprietary nanostrips provide the optimal delivery method for microdosing

Proprietary technology & delivery mechanism

  • Our infused strips allows for more efficient absorption of active ingredients and can be used to administer multiple API’s.
  • We control all stages of production, distribution, transportation, and delivery of NanoStrips.
  • Using our proprietary NanoStrip technology, we have the ability to deliver API’s to clients in our medical clinics, as well as license our technology to other drug providers.
Faster onset
Precise dosing

API's include, but are not limited to


R&D – cGMP API Grade Biosynthetic Psilocybin

Revenue positive

R&D: Biosynthetic Psilocybin

Our team of leading scientists specialize in protein expression and biosynthetic fermentation and have discovered a patentable method of producing psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychotropic mushrooms.

We plan to use its production methods and technology to produce cGMP API grade psilocybin, which can be used by pharmaceutical companies, API manufacturers and medical research organizations conducting clinical trials.

Our psilocybin production methods will provide more affordable access to organizations looking to acquire GMP API grade psilocybin, and its scalable manufacturing process will set the standard for consistent high-quality GMP psilocybin API.

R&D: Biosynthetic Advantages


  • Estimated Market price is $7,000 to $10,000 USD per gram for synthetic psilocybin used in clinical trials.
  • By using our E. coli biosynthetic expression system, pharma-grade psilocybin can be produced cost effectively and accurately, and purified, for a fraction of the cost of other methods.


  • All required enzymes are produced with no inhibitory sequences (no excess).
  • Optimized, fully synthetic constructs.
  • Producer strain is optimized.

R&D Revenue Model

Contract or form a joint venture partnership with a CRO/Manufacturer to produce the API grade psilocybin. The product is sold to pharma companies, other API users, and/or other organizations.
Operate a fully owned facility to produce API grade psilocybin. The product is sold to pharma companies, other API users, and/or other organizations.
License the technology to pharma companies and/or API manufacturers.

R&D Completed Milestones

Exclusive right to use operational laboratory facility with Controlled Drug License issued by Health Canada for production of psilocybin (located in Victoria, BC, Canada)
Lab equipment for research & development has been purchased and installed
Proprietary DNA sequences designed and constructed
Optimized producer strain constructed
Patent submission is underway by Gowling LLP

Medical Clinics

Clinics, Vancouver & West Vancouver
Expansion Plan
Leveraging our existing SOPs, data driven research sets, and practitioner education modules, we will roll out clinics across Canada.
Patient Database

Clinic model = Recurring revenue

Treatment plans
  • Approval of the treatment plan
  • First dosing session
  • Exploratory Therapy
  • Dosing sessions are typically scheduled 2-3 days apart
Integration therapy
  • Psychotherapists help patients integrate the experiences using different clinical psychology techniques
  • Drive habit change and outlook/mindset improvements
Ongoing care
  • Typical treatment is 6 dosing sessions with 3 integration sessions
  • Patients have access to our digital patient portal for on-going support and education to help sustain the effects of the therapy